Friday, April 26, 2013


A happy return to outside lunchtime riding yesterday!!
It was a real Hawk buffet out there on this ride. The ground squirrels are out but had to run about on top of the snow cover. I watched four or five of them get snatched up by hawks. Easy pickins'!!
Circle of life stuff while riding my bike.

Maybe this marks the transition to spring finally. Moisture will continue on in the form of rain and we can climb out of those teen temps.

Stay positive everybody, I am!!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Every Spring I have always tried to get a trip down to Albuquerque. In the past to touch base with my folks, now I keep up the tradition to visit with my sister Nancy and my Brother-in-law, Mark.
This was an odd year because I kept making plans and then stuff kept happening to postpone it.
Does anybody "deserve" a vacation? I don't know the answer to that. Probably different for everybody. I know for me, the winter does get to keeping on a bit and I can tend to start draggin' ass a bit in my job, just going through the motions. A long weekend away seems to re-charge my batteries and gets me going again.
Finally got all the planets aligned with employees and wife and family and a chance to roll out!

This is the morning of leaving, -2 degrees, brrrr....good timing!!
I have made this drive so many times.........same stops for fuel, same stops for bathroom breaks, pretty consistent, 8 hours door to door.
The whole plan for the weekend was a chance to get some miles in on my bike with some golf with Mark and some non-responsibility down time for ME!
Started out with a little city riding early Friday morning. I dragged a bit of the cold temps down with me but it warmed up by the end of my ride for the afternoon golf session!!
Some nice riding for city riding on Tramway where there is about ten feet of shoulder!
Pretty hard for me to ride by My favorite Albuquerque coffee spot!

Over the years Mark has become a pretty good friend. We share a lot of interests and I sure respect him for the job he has done with raising his son (my nephew!) and being a good life partner with my sister. They sure have built a very nice and fun life together. Headed north to Santa Ana to play golf.
I always have liked this course. A very pretty mix of green grass, desert, and the Sandia mountains in your view!
Happy Jim!!!
We also managed to find our way around with a few of these

After we got back home Mark broke out a wee bit of the Irish......the conversation went on into the night!
The next morning found the three of us on our bikes on the most excellent Bosque trail that follows the Rio Grande. Albuquerque sure has a lot going for it to explore on a bike. There are great rides no matter what style you prefer. Road riding in all directions of town, bike trails all over town if that is your style, and many dirt roads and trails leading out of town and into National forests not all that far of a drive from anywhere. I have so many bases to touch and find out about. Excellent LBS's with info and Cass's and Gypsy's blog to follow with the idea that those guys are willing to offer up places to explore and experience. So much life to live with limited time.......this whole work/responsibility thing is sure crimping my fun!!!

Nancy and I taking a break next to the river.
You know, the real world keeps turning while I was checking out of reality. My most excellent daughter-in-law was skiing up on the top of Breckenridge with Dave and twisted up her knees in some deep  cement-like new spring snow and had to be hauled off the mountain.
And, one of the guys killed in the avalanche near Loveland ski area was from Estes that David knew and had spent some time with back country on sno-boards up in the National park. Makes me sad...but relieved that he was only on the mountain at Breck, helping his wife deal with a crash that can be walked away from.

What a great time I had. Said goal of re-charging the batteries was achieved. The only bummer was the drive home. This is what greeted me as I headed back up the mountain from Lyons......Winter's last blast (I hope!!)
Snow to leave by, snow to come back to, but a lot of sun and fun in between!!

Thanks for traveling along with me!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Is that even a word? I consulted with my girl in the office who is my go to person for grammar and spelling. She confirms that it is the past tense of the word spring.

Just not in Estes Park. I live in a fantastic, beautiful place, but, in my opinion it is the toughest time to live here. Not twenty miles away down either canyon Spring is going on. Green grass starting, buds on the trees, bulbs coming up, warm temps, soft rain. Yet come back to to town and still brown, cold wind, white flakes. In the future I don't think I will ever be a "snow bird" and flee the winter months but I might become a "spring bird" and head out for the month of April!

I got the outdoor riding season going this weekend. Always seems a bit counter productive to pack a bike in my truck and drive someplace to ride but that is what I did for Saturday. Started down in Lyons for a flatland ride.

 Lyons north up to Loveland and back. I picked up 20 degrees in air temp and probable dropped off 15 MPH in wind. It was a good ride of firsts! First ride in shorts for the year! First extended ride on the Univega since its rebuild. Even got to say hello to the Easter Bunny as he was resting up before his big day.
Did not drive myself too hard and felt pretty good for a Spring ride. About 2 1/2 hours on the bike and 34 miles.
Woke up Easter Morning and after some family time cooking up some waffles and eggs, I thought what the heck! A little bike time! As usual a different Spring program up here. Full cycling pants and a couple of layers and full gloves. Not too bad for the temp but a pretty good wind working out of the west. I have Santa Fe in the back of my mind that I have to get some miles in, so, out we go!

Seems that no matter how much time I spend on the indoor spin bike during the winter, the legs always feel it come spring riding!
Here is the consensus of the legs talking to my brain this morning....
Headed for my favorite place with my thinking that I would climb against the wind until it rendered my soul to be crushed.
The arrow on this sign is is uphill to the park.
This is the east end of Horseshoe park and just about the end of going west into the wind. There is one more climb to get up to Deer Ridge Junction but you swing around and head south and east so have the soul-sucking wind out of your face!

West end of Horseshoe Park, just have to stop and check out the view of Ypsilon Peak.
Kind-of found my second wind and powered right up to Deer Ridge and got ready for a fast cruise back to town, down hill and down wind. Did not get to far and just had to romp on the brakes to stop for this look. I have lived here for almost all of my adult life yet views like this still make me stop and catch my breath......I love living here.
I had to tap my brakes a couple of times because the downhill/downwind thing got me a little nervous. When I looked back on my computer I hit 40.7 MPH. My bike performed very well, but a little fast for an early season ride! Big difference today to yesterday. I rode for two hours but only got 17 miles. Probably a better riding work-out with the climbing. It is probably because I do a lot of it, but I do enjoy the big climbs. Nothing more rewarding than just getting after it for a couple of hours and then the big reward!
After the weekend my legs are the only thing feeling a little sprung but that is a good feeling and the knowledge that summer will re-appear!
Have fun everybody!