Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have had the Trucker on the repair stand these last few weeks doing some maintenance. New chain, cables, brake pads. All with the idea of a little tour in late September before the weather changes up high. I have also been kicking around for this bike, a return to drops, so, this is the opportunity to get that done.
I have been running Albatross bars on this bike for the last three years and I have liked them. I found I was spending most of my time riding up on the front curve of the bars, finding the most comfort there. So, back to the drops I go. I also installed a shorter stem so I can continue to have an upright ride but with the multiple hand positions that the drops give me.

From this:

To this:

And back to this:
 After a quick spin around the neighborhood I was ready to try it out for the Saturday morning group ride. I met up and nobody had any ideas where to ride so I popped out "How about a ride up to Rainbow Curve in the Park"
Off we go, about eight of us. It was a cool morning with some high clouds up on the divide.
We rolled on up through Horseshoe Park and up to Deer Ridge Junction. Some of the group had to get back and a few were cold without the right clothes. I was the only one who wanted to keep going on up so off I go on a solo ride, which is how it is anyway!!
Same as last week...a few wildflowers left out

A stop below Hidden Valley to put on a long sleeve shirt. It was one of those temp days (High 40's) that you get sweaty because you are on a long climb but the wind is cool to any exposed skin.

Stopped at Many Parks Curve and talked with some people riding Harley's as a big group. They were doing a loop up over Trail Ridge-Berthoud Pass and back to Denver. They were surprised by the cool weather and were scrambling through their bags for face scarves and gloves. Nice people!

Getting close to the clouds!

No obligatory Longs Peak photo today. It was covered up by clouds. A picture though of the last of the Paint Brush before they go to sleep for winter. This is just below Upper Hidden Valley.

In the park, cell phone coverage is a bit spotty. This would happen to change up my day. I am taking a little break at Upper Hidden Vally chomping on my PBJ sandwich. Just with a little climb left to get to Rainbow curve.
And suddenly I catch some coverage and my phone blows up with messages and texts. From my kids letting me know Debbie has been bucked off her horse and has broken her arm and is on the way to the ER.
So down down down I go. Changes your day from a peaceful ride and experience in the Park to back to the real world.
She is OK. We had surgery on Tuesday and had a plate and some pins inserted and she is on the road to healing. Changes a few things in that I'll have to cancel the short tour I was going to do because I am on duty as her stable and horse boy for awhile. All good!! Glad to be able to help.
Still glad for the bar changes on the Trucker. The shorter stem works for me and it is a good ride. This has been my favorite bike for a long returning to an old friend. Not a big deal with cancelling the tour. It was all going to be weather related anyway for late September. I was planning on going up over Trail Ridge to Grand Lake, over to Walden, up and over Cameron Pass and down the Poudre River Canyon to Ft. Collins and back up to home. Four or Five days. 20th of September. It could be nice or it could be closed with fall snow storms. I'll get it next year!! Kyle and I are still planning our Rollins Pass ride in late September. That will only be one day and will also be weather dependent.

Everybody have a good rest of the week!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bear Lake

This was a Saturday I did not have to work so I got up to meet with the group to see what kind of ride they had planned. A few had to work later in the morning so they planned on a quicker ride around the "gultch's". A few others wanted to do something longer so I blurted out "How about Bear Lake?"

So, off we go, a group of four.

Nice morning to be out early with my shadow!
After rolling through the Park entrance station here is the first view of Longs peak this morning.
I stayed with Andrew and Justin, who was a visitor from Ohio and joined up at the coffee shop meetup, for just a little while, but away they went....because they are strong riders!!!
This ride is all about the climb up to Bear Lake but really it is about the views! Rolling through Morraine Park gets it all going.
I felt really strong for this ride, not fast strong but just pumped along never really out of breath and never felt any pain or tired muscles. A real joy to be out. Flower season will be winding down here these next few weeks as it gets cold in the nights.

I have lived here for over 35 years and it never gets old for me to just enjoy my surroundings.

When they rebuilt Bear Lake road they built these nice retaining walls that I think are a cool piece of civil engineering.

And here we are at the end of the road, Ranger station at Bear Lake, 9424 foot elevation.

Snack and finished off a water bottle for the rock and roll back to town. A quick stop to peek over the Morraine Park bridge.
An excellent ride on an excellent morning. Not much traffic because the upper parking lot at Bear Lake was full early so everybody was riding the shuttle bus and those drivers are great about going out and around you.

Hope everybody has a great week ahead!!