Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Move it Forward

Being a Dad is one of those jobs in this world that I managed for the most part to get right. My kids actually like having me around!
In talking to my #2 son, Kyle this last week back and forth about his life and what has been going on he mentioned that his girlfriend wants to get going with some bike riding. This gets me fired up because it is a new possibility to fix up another bike!
A little history. When I retired from the running world after battling through two bouts of Plantar Fasciitis I found my way back onto a bike. I started with a purchase of an entry level commuter bike, a Schwinn World Avenue. Featured an upright riding set-up, it did the job well which was get me back and forth to work for a whole summer. Then came the Surly LHT and a return to my touring roots. Then I rebuilt my Univega the first time and this was the bike I let Kyle use for his college bike.

First rebuild version!

He rode the crap out of this bike for two years getting around Ft. Collins. It also was stored outdoors and came back after he was done...... a little rough. Then he and Lea got a place together in Ft Collins and got a job that was within close commuter distance so I gave him the Schwinn World Avenue and he has been happy! I have also been happy with the total rebuild that I completed on the Univega and it has been my bike of choice for these last six months or so.

And as Paul Harvey says....The rest of the story......

I decided to return the Univega to Kyle so he can move the World Avenue on to Lea and they can enjoy some bike time together!
My wise friend tim joe tells us "nothing lasts forever". I would add, except family. So, I am very happy to see the bike go to him. He will ride it everyday plus has started to show a desire to go out on rides just for the sake of riding!!!! More and more like his old man everyday!!!
I drove it down to him this last Sunday and we went for a nice ride together. We did the loop up through Horsetooth, down through Masonville, around to Loveland and back to Ft Collins. Had a blast!!

Here's Kyle on his new/old ride at the top of the second of three hills to get up and over Horsetooth.

As for me?? I am back on my Schwinn Le Tour. It is a good bike that I like to ride very much. It is a bit of a harsher ride mainly because of the alu frame and the skinny tires at 100psi. I have plans to change the tires to a 28-622 that I can run at 75-80psi which will smooth out the ride. The geometry is actually better on this bike for long road riding for me. I have done 100 miles on it and felt pretty good afterward!

Here we are post-ride about ready for a cold adult beverage!

 And full circle to the start of this blog......it is great to have your kids that want to go out and have some fun with the activity that you enjoy so much!!!
Plus now I can start doing a little bit of hunting for the next old steel bike that is begging to be recycled for myself!!!!
Have a great day everybody


  1. I think you'll find that the bigger tires at lower pressure is more the culprit of your harsh ride than the frame. I still like my carbon bike. I also like the aluminum framed tourer I have, it rides like a Rolls.
    My kids are like that too, after I rebuild something and make it nice, then they want it. It's nice they appreciate your efforts. I'll bet the gearing change had a lot to do with him wanting the bike back. So....you'll be back on the Schwinn for the Century? There'll be a few of our riders there as well. I don't know if you will remember Wayne, but he will be back, and this time he says he's going to do the 100.....we'll see. Get some miles on the Schwinn before you take it up there to make sure it doesn't need anything. I'm about ready to put a Brooks on my carbon bike. The 73 mile day yesterday, and a 50 miler today left my butt SORE! Not used to that saddle. I don't like the long break-in time with the Brooks, but I sure like them afterward. I agree wholeheartedly about feeling good that your kids want to participate with you in the same activity. You are a great father, that's why!

    1. Thanks Richard, and thanks for reading.
      You already know that I am a Brooks saddle guy. I used the Brooks Imperial on my Schwinn and it took a lot less time for break in than my standard B-17 that is on LHT. I actually have another Brooks Imperial in my possession that I got with my REI rebate this year. There might just be an Ogre in its future to go underneath it!
      The Schwinn is ready for 100 miles.....the body might be protesting by the end!!! But cold beers and some Mexican food with the group afterward!!!

  2. For your Son's lady friend my advice to you, if you haven't passed the bike on yet, Ladies love the basket..... The bikes I built for my ex wife and my sister-in-law both had baskets and that was the first thing both of them commented on (with delight). Passing the Univega onto your lucky son is just an "opportunity" for you to find a classic steel frame in need of some TLC to replace that empty "cool steel vintage road bike" slot in your quiver. Fuji, Miyata, Motobecane, Peugeot, and others all made some fine touring bikes back in the day.


    PS How do you find the imoperial for comfort vs the b.17? I run a standard b.17 on one bike and a b.17 narrow on another and have wondered about an imperial.

    1. Ryan, for me I like the comfort of the Imperial, plus the break in was so much less. I was basically comfortable from the very start with the Imperial.
      A little story.....I put B-17 on my LHT when I first got it. Went through the break-in and rode it for a couple of tours, the longest was a 10 day trip down to Albuquerque. I had no real trouble although was a bit sore at the end of each day of being in the saddle. So, went on the holy grail search for the perfect ride. I settled on trying the Selle Anatomic titanico. Good for day rides, but when I went out on a tour after two long days I had developed a large saddle sore that made me have to take three days off, and have my wife UPS my B-17 to me on the road to continue. When I got home I decided to modify my Brooks with a cut out like the titanico, so, out came the dremel tool and I ended up with my custom B-17. It did improve the comfort but as two years have gone by the saddle is shaping into a different form than my Imperial has. I have a ten day tour planned this summer so we'll see how it evolves. When I have to replace it, it will be with an Imperial. I moved my Imperial off the Univega to my schwinn and will put my new one on the Ogre I have on order!
      Long reply to a simple, yes, I like the Imperial more than the standard B-17!

  3. I think in the long run, the B-17 standard will prove out to be the better saddle. The Imperial breaks in faster, but the comfortable life span isn't nearly as long. And so ..... you went ahead and ordered the Ogre, eh? Good for you, can't wait to see it and read about all the interesting off highway adventures you'll have.

  4. I finally pulled the trigger Richard! It has been almost two years of saving and stashing money here and there into an envelope but I was determined not to order a bike that would impact my budget or credit card!
    I have a little apprehension with having this bike. Just another ride that I don't have the time to really ride and explore on. I guess that is not the fault of the bike, rather my lifestyle choices! I also feel that I am buying this for fun riding in the future when I get to retirement!!

  5. How did this post get past me? Oh well, I'm here now. An Ogre! Good for you! I am yearning for a 29er myself. I wouldn't mind a B-17 Imperial, either, although I'm waiting to see what the new improved Brooks Cambium is all about.

    I wish I had the ability to put back a little money over two years. My method generally runs to dream-planning and windfall spending.

    Lastly, it is really nice that your "kids" are into cycling. It is a sore point with me...my GF drives her twin seventeen year olds all over the place, and in our town all over the place is seldom more than a couple miles one way. School, their jobs, everywhere like they were a couple eleven year olds. I'm not allowed to voice my opinion on the subject anymore. It's like the old "I walked seven miles through the snow" thing (which I did. it was fun). It also doesn't count that those kids see me all the hell to way out and back all the time, pedaling my now single speed Schwinn. "Bikes are for dorks" is the mantra. I don't mention that when I was seventeen I had a pickup and a camaro and a honda 350 and a raleigh three speed and didn't even KNOW any kids that rode arond with their moms. Dork me ya little shits...

    Sorry. The GF is raising hers her way. And at least they have jobs. Sigh. Got off on a tangent.

    Why is the alu schwinn yer everyday ride instead of the trucker? Shawn at Urban Adventure League has a trucker also but always rides old steel. In fact, I have been on other sites where the trucker is present but a refurbed yard sale bike is their number one. Weird. I keep coming back in my dream-planning to the SLT but first is a 29er...although a Mukluk would be fun, I think and it could run Knards...

    Out of beer. Thanks for a great post and I think fixing up a worthy bicycle and passing it on to a deserving rider is a two way gift and one step up the stairway to...you know.


    1. It is weird about the ride you choose. I am now into a routine of, I ride the Trucker for my commute back and forth and I keep the Schwinn parked at my office to ride for my lunchtime rides. This way I feel like I keep the feel for both rides going. They are different. I changed the tires on the Schwinn which actually made the ride better and more like the trucker. The Ogre arrived this last friday and I already have to change a few things to get the ride comfortable for me. Hmmmm maybe there is a blog in all this?!?