Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 1- Tour 2013

Wake Up!!!
Time to get after it!
People that know me know that I like to start my tours by riding out my driveway and just go. But, this year a bit different. It would have been my third straight tour starting with a first day over Trail Ridge Road and while I love TR, I just wanted to be able to add a day on the other side of this trip and see some country that I have not ridden.
So, I recruited Evelyn to get up early and give me a shuttle over to Hot Sulpher Springs.
Time to go! It was about 58 deg when I started but it did not take long to shed that pull-over. First thing to see is Byers Canyon. A short but very pretty stretch. All three modes of transportation are here, Railroad, water, and a road for a crazy cyclist!!
A long time ago I wanted to try the route that takes you over Ute Pass and then drops you back on CO 9 about ten miles south of Silverthorne. To avoid the road that goes into Kremling and then south on 9 is a good plan. No shoulder and high volume of fast moving traffic. A couple of years ago I almost got clipped by a logging truck on this thanks.
Right after Byers canyon I zipped onto County Road 3 and headed for the pass. The first 3 miles were paved and then turned to dirt.
A barn that has felt the weight of snow and age!
Cool fence that this Rancher has built
And then there was dirt
This road surface was really good. Smooth with zero ruts and washboard. Surly just rolled along nicely! There was only a car every twenty minutes or so with plenty of room. What a nice ride! It was a good place to be on the first day, peaceful, get your mind right riding. TJ, you would have loved being being on this ride, it was a"float" for many miles. I didn't solve any world problems but found some peace. Evelyn and I talked about"living in the moment". I worked on that today.

Another barn, maybe this will be a tour of barns on this trip!

Hey Richard! This Ranch is for sale. 2,200 acres! You could spend the rest of your days creating a mountain bike trail system in paradise for all the rest of US!!! Probably only in the multiple 7 figures. Dig up a few of those coffee cans you have buried in the back yard!!
Henderson Mine corporation had a large presence near the top of Ute pass. Large tailing ridge
And the mill
It was time to go to work. Base of Ute pass the road turned back to asphalt and steep 4 mile climb to the top!
First day-First Pass!!
They did not have an elevation sign at the top, I was still below timberline so I am guessing around 9500 ft
Made it!

First view of peaks that will be challenged tomorrow
Cool rock formation heading down. Looks like some igneous rocks in the middle of all this granite
Back on CO 9 for the last run to Silverthorne, Just taking a break
I came upon a huge nest that I think was an eagle family.
Dad on the pole watching over things
And the nest
I finally rolled into Silverthorne and then had to pump it up the bike trail switchbacks to get up on top of Dillon dam. I was out of gas and a last climb to end the day was a bummer. Pretty lake though!
I was on auto pilot a bit and rode right by the entrance to the campground I was going to use tonight. Realized it about 2 miles way I am backtracking so I got a motel in Frisco. Shower sure felt nice!!!
A good first day!
Hey if you guys don't see a post from me everyday......don't worry. It just means no internet connection or I'm just too tired to post!
Thanks for following along!!


  1. AWESOME! Love the pics! Looks like a great place for a tour. Can't wait for more.


  2. Thanks Dan for coming by and checking it out