Friday, June 27, 2014

Capital idea. Katy day 2

Early rising was the order of the morning on this slacking or goofing off on this vacation.
Breakfast this morning was a short ride back into Hermann and the fire house which was the venue for a great breakfast buffet set up for us.

Before we get rolling today I missed some pictures from the first day so I am going to throw them in here now.......because I can!
Barns...I like old barns and you will get some pictures of them
The vines almost have covered the old silos
This ride is so pretty with the limestone bluffs on one side of the trail
And the river on the other side
Oh yeah....Did I tell you that it is a big damn river!!!!

This really struck big tree left out there in the middle of the farm field. Reminded me a bit of the tree in the movie Forest Gump.
I have heard somewhere that the farmers tell us that your corn should be knee high by the fourth. If so, then this corn is over achieving!!
Enough of the past, lets move on to today's ride at hand. We will cover about 50 miles and roll into the Capital city of Missouri, Jefferson City. We started out like gang busters pushing 13-14 MPH. our little train of four of us would pick up a couple of riders for a bit and then they would fall off or roll ahead. It was a fun push for awhile. After just two hours we were already finished with half of our ride.
It was also the toughest day of riding for me. Not sure if the days of consecutive rides caught up with me or a sore achilles tendon that I twanged the first day back on Flint hills trail day was bugging me. I rode past another turtle that was different from the little box kind I had seen. It was a green flat looking one. Looked like a dinner plate. I did not stop but just kept pedaling. Then it hit me that I had stopped having fun and taking pictures and noticing the beautiful ride. I told Rob and Kelley that they should ride their ride because I was going to slow my pace down and ride mine.

Barn in the woods.

I came up on the famous rock that marks all the different floods that have occurred through the time that the RR has been through. Interesting the depth of the water marked.
A few different flowers in bloom than I saw in Kansas
I gotta tell you, these people here in Kansas and Missouri love their lawn mowers. So many places where they have mowed out multiple acres. I am glad I don't have to do the amount of mowing going on here.....although it makes a place look very nice!!
I enjoyed the variety of the trail today. The change from open views of the country side to plunge back into the tree canopy.
Another barn
The day had gotten on and I was feeling the ride as I rolled into the sag stop at North Jefferson City. A quick stop for me and on I went down the trail looking for the turn off that takes you into Jeff City. Problem was it was right there at the sag stop and I missed it. I went about a mile and a half out of the way as it occurred to me that something was off. Back I go to find the turn off. You pedal up a structure going back and forth to get you up on a bicycle lane on the bridge going over the river. This gets you a wonderful view of the Capital building.
A bit of a ride though city streets to get me to the city park where we camp. Whew....I was cooked. Just sat on a bench and enjoyed a cold soda before getting on with setting up. Nice spot that the group picked out since I was the trailer of the group.
A few weeks ago as an after thought I got this camp chair at REI. It is now in the early lead for MVP of the trip. Surprisingly sturdy and comfy!!! 5 stars
All in all a pretty good day of riding and sights to be seen. Had to push a bit today but tomorrow is another day!