Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get After It 2013!!

Yeah, it was just my usual lunchtime ride.

OK, it is just for about an hour of riding.

I know, about the usual 12 miles for mental mid-day break from work.

But it was the first time on the bike for 2013!! And that gave it all a bit of a different vibe.

A few road hazards to ride around.
Like this.

And some of this
My original idea for a blog post was to look into my soul and psyche and think about why I ride and what I enjoy about being out on a bike.
And then it came to me while riding....screw that. Live for the moment. Live for the time on the bike.
It is January and the wind is not blowing and it is mid-40's and there is all the sunshine that anybody could bottle up and dream about.

Sometimes it is a shame there is nothing to look at when riding around here.....
A brief break from reality and heading back into town to get back to work.

What a nice way to start 2013 cycling season!


  1. Good for you .... you got out in January. Difficult to do in your area. Looks like studded tires would be a little bit of security for the icy conditions, it does look like you could ride around them intstead of over them however. I got to agree with the "live for the moment" concept, even more so when one gets older and there are less moments to live. Just go for it!

  2. That's some solid dedication, Jim. Those ice patches could take you out in a hurry. Do they salt those roads? I would be concerned about taking my Old Steel out into salt...better to pick up a cheap carbon beater. Ha ha ha that's a joke. Sort of...when was the last time you saw an old carbon fiber bike? Never gonna happen.

    How is the team doing?


    1. They do not use salt around here like they do in the Northeast. It is a mixture of mostly sand and the mag-chloride.
      The team is getting along this year. I have good senior leadership this year. I had to throw a couple of these guys into the varsity fire a few years ago when they were sophomores. They took their lumps then but are pretty solid this year. We have a very tough league this year. We are ranked 15th in the state for our school size (3A) but are probably the 5th best team in our league. We'll keep getting after it. You can check on our progress during the season. I post it up on my FB page. Or you can see it on a site called maxpreps under Estes Park High School.
      Thanks for asking!

  3. Jim,

    That ice looks like an accident waiting to happen. Stuff like that is what keeps me off the roads and rail trail during the cold season. I'd rather wrestle the bike through the snow on the trails!

    Great scenery there. Been a long time since I've seen real mountains in person.

    Steve Z