Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Blahs??

No, I don't get the blahs during winter here in Estes Park. I save them up for the springtime here in the beautiful Northern Colorado mountains.

How does that work out?

My avocation keeps me busy, coaching basketball at the EPHS.

Everybody on the edge of your seats, asking why does he do that???

Funny, I like the game, and I like high school kids. I really loved the game and as I found myself not being able to play much (or very well!) anymore, I decided to get involved in officiating. Becoming a high school basketball official is a process of taking a class, passing a test, belonging to a local association and working your way up through age group games gaining experience. Becoming a good high school official takes a commitment to keep learning, stay in good physical shape, and have a positive and strong outlook on the world that looks to yell at you (a lot!!) for the instant decisions you make on the court. I had a nice run as an official. Worked 15 years, was chosen to work in the high school post season,  was respected by my officiating peers, and was told by many different coaches that they liked when I worked their games because they knew they were getting an official that worked hard and called a fair game. Why give it up? A couple of reasons, one, forty something guys just can't run the floor with 16-18 year old boys, and I did not want to be one of those officials that had to rely on his partner to "carry" him to keep up. Two, I had an offer to coach here at the high school, so, hung up my "stripes" and jumped in with both feet. I had a bit of experience coaching up my boys on their middle school club ball teams but I was pretty green. Fortunately, I worked for a head coach that has forgotten more about basketball than I will ever know and we took some lumps but moved the program forward. Now I work for a young guy who is still finding his way as a head coach but has a great knowledge of the game and the tools to become a good coach and a good leader of these young men.
I get so much enjoyment working with my fellow coaches and so much from working with these young men. I believe I am a positive person for a brief time in their young lives and in my little way, contribute to the process of these young men growing up and becoming solid citizens.

If I am honest with myself I am a bit selfish. With my kids gone out of high school and moving on with their lives. High school basketball keeps me in touch with kids and I can suck the youthful energy off them to keep me going strong. I finish each season with thoughts and ideas on how to be a better coach moving forward to next year. As long as I have those feelings, and if they will continue to hire me, I'll keep getting after it and just work at being better today than I was yesterday! (coach speak!).

Our program, Winter 2013!!


  1. Fine words, Coach. Man, those guys look so young!
    Coaches have a very powerful and lasting influence. Being a Hoosier, basketball was part of the very fabric of existence growing up, and as a student at Indiana University (yes, during the Knight era...Isaiah Thomas was a classmate...)basketball was just part of life. While at IU I played everyday, sometimes all day. Now it has been awhile since I even held a b-ball...I'll bet you're pretty good at free throws.


  2. They are young! We have 11 Freshman in the program this year, almost half.
    I know what you are saying, basketball was king in the neighborhood I grew up in. lots of families with kids and almost everybody had a hoop on the garage. There was always a game going on somewhere in the neighborhood, summer through winter. I don't see that kind of play going on with kids anymore, there is so much competition for their time. Plus, parents got way overinvolved with getting kids involved in leagues and club teams and private instruction. Days that kids just got together on their own, picked teams, called their own fouls, figured life out without adults mucking it up are days gone by I am afraid.
    Jim= free throws = 8 out of 10 still pretty consistent!