Friday, June 7, 2013

It's a Birthday!

Not mine, Debbie, my wife!!

We have been married for a bit of time that means that sometimes it is hard to surprise each other with a gift.

My gift for her has some history of our time together.

We bought a piece of property together back before we had kids. With the recent pine beetle invasion we joined in with the State of Colorado forestry management program. As part of the program we have had to cut trees to mitigate beetle migration. Most of the trees were cut for firewood but there are  some of the trees that were big 200 plus year old Ponderosa's. We got some of that wood cut into slab wood.

Stack it and sticker it and tie it so it can dry properly without having twists and cupping.

Thanks to a nice design idea from my son David, I set about making a coffee table for Debbie's Birthday!
A bit of choosing the right pieces, sanding, assembly, did I mention a LOT of sanding????, I get a pretty nice gift that has some real family meaning for her.

The top turned out really pretty with the beetle blue stain in the wood.

She is very Happy!!!
I score some major "husband points"
All is good!!!

This just lets you all know that I'm not just a pretty face out there riding a bike around!!



  1. Beautiful bit of craftsmanship, and very pretty old wood as well! Great idea!

  2. Very nice Jim. Destined to be an heirloom. Have you been to my friend Tohner's place?

  3. Nice love the grain of the top -very special gift.