Sunday, June 9, 2013

Onward and upward!!

Today's little ride report finds our hero ascending into the National Park as he is prone to do!!

The Park is always a beautiful ride no matter how many people are driving about. They just can not ruin it no matter how stupid they drive and act!!

Water is running off!
The goal for the day was ride it up to Rainbow Curve. That is right as the road climbs up into the tundra above tree-line. See some snow, some birds, maybe some animals, and definitely some tourist people watching!!

A little break with a view!
Not long after this I stopped and talked to Jerry who was riding a loaded LHT heading down. He was from Denver, had gotten a ride to Steamboat and was riding back. Camped in Grand Lake and was heading to camp in Estes and then head home tomorrow. He was trying to get some touring miles in before his summer tour to Telluride for the Bluegrass festival. Sounds fun!!

Here's the snow!!! A bit below Rainbow Curve

This is my favorite sign to get a picture of my bikes with!!

Pretty nice day to be out!!
I hope everybody had a great weekend!!!

Back to work in the morning!!



  1. As the heat and humidity continue to rise in the wake of the first tropical storm of the year, I find myself wishing it was ME in those photos, although at two miles high the pictures would probably be of my bicycle leaning against an ambulance as the paramedics strapped an oxygen mask to my face and fired up the defibrillator.


    1. When you feel the blood thumping through the veins in your neck that's the sign to pull off and take a break!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful day for a bike ride. That Schwinn gobbles up those big tires and makes them look "normal".... And, I'll bet your bod notices the difference too.