Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Feelings!

One of the big days of the year for me is our inventory day. When we get it done and especially when we get a number that everybody (that means corporate) is happy with, there is an incredible exhale and a general good feeling that settles in with me.
Got up this morning and being pretty nice out.....well, you can not waste days like this. So, in spite of some nagging home projects that we currently have going, I am saving those for crappy weather days and heading out!!
After a nice breakfast with Debbie I head up into the Park. I was a bit surprised by the traffic on a November Sunday but settled into a nice rhythm heading up the south side to Deer Ridge Junction.

Good view of Chapin, Chicita, and Ypsilon....and my transportation device.
There was a pretty good headwind keeping me working. I actually worked up a pretty good sweat grinding on up. I was thinking I would just go over Deer Ridge and loop back around to town but I was feeling strong so I kept going on up to Hidden Valley.
I got up where the snow is probably here to stay on the north slopes until summer.
The little creek that comes out of Hidden Valley was bubbling along and was a soothing sound next to the road as I pedaled along.
Rolled into the HV parking area and found a bench to sit and drink a Gatorade and just reflect on stuff. I am a pretty blessed person. I live in a beautiful place, have the health to get out into it, and the smarts to know that this is pretty special.
I throw on another layer and my beanie under my helmet for the rock and roll back down to town. It is nice out but it is November!!
In case it might snow this year maybe you can borrow this to clear your driveway!

A quick stop for a selfie! Check out that blue sky!!!
Short post here this week as I have some Broncos to go watch!

Everybody have a Great Week!!!


  1. Jim I always feel like I am getting a bonus when sunny days in winter coincide with time to ride -glad you got to get out on a Sunny November day

  2. Crap Coach I gotta type fast and post before the signal fades. I'm remodeling McDonalds as a hired hand and it ain't easy being nearly sixty and working like I did when I was twenty five. The main dogs on these crews are in their early thirties but by then I was already a Florida GC and watching more than humping...but I am damn sure humping it now. Almost like being born again ( the hard one involving mom, not the Jesus one...although the Jesus one might be hard, too, but not physically. I gotta think about that...) and after dropping thirty pounds and what was left of my ego these young fookers are starting to be a little uneasy around me after a couple months of running me ragged.

    But I'm a cyclist and know things about being run ragged they may never experience: plus, I just love getting my ass kicked. I deserve it and it is pretty fun looking in the mirror lately. That counts for something, wouldn't you say?

    Sorry to dwell on myself in a comment on your booger but since I thought I was gonna die from work a month ago and now I am once again dragging half the crew around it seemed appropriate to let you know that yeah, Coach, there ain't no such thing as die; the best ass-kickers on this crew wear hardware: wrist braces and exoskeloton gloves and eat tylenol and tape up each day for the job. This is not normal carpentry, this is not normal work: this is the big leagues and as soon as you fall another guy runs over you to take your place. The secret is to not fall and if you do, get up quick and keep going.

    Somehow I think you will understand why I chose to tell you what I am figuring out, just now, myself. Hah!


    1. You are not just figuring it out, I'm sure you have forgotten more about hard work and carpentry than your co-workers might ever learn.
      30 lb's off...look out Cervelo Guy! You'll be the one doing the ass-kicking when the titanic rematch occurs.
      Jesus (the crappy swearing kind, not the happy bible dude), doesn't the hard work suck as we approach "the golden years" ??? I would need some time to return to that hard physical work. I spend my time now at a desk plotting the next step to make the company profitable. I have become Sisyphus. I hate the first of the month and there's that damn rock back down at the bottom of the budget hill and here we go pushing it up all month.
      But like you, I am a cyclist and we all know about riding rollers and the joy it can give us if we recognize it for what it is.
      Keep yourself safe.