Monday, November 4, 2013

Just Because

I know, prolific bloggage from me! Two weeks in a row!
I was on the Saturday shift at the Lumberyard and when that was over it was a nice day so I just decided, "what the hell" might as well head out on my bike.

I did not have any specific destination goal, just roll on out of the driveway and see where Ogre might take me.
I headed out to the south end of Fish Creek road with the Homer Rouse Trail in mind.
Had to ride down through the ditch to get around this.
The temp was not bad out, about 50 deg or so. The wind had picked up blowing right in my face, as per usual right off Longs. But, it is the time of year that if it is warm you really have to get out and ride just because, you know, it is not going to last!
This has been such a strange fall. It is usually a time that allows some down time away from the busy work schedule of the summer. This year was a bit different as we had to wind it up for the months of September and October. I remarked to my co-workers how they talked about the Red Sox winning the World Series and how they get to have down time now and enjoy their success. We don't get that luxury to enjoy our success, nope just start over again November 1st with our sales and budget goals for the month. Ah well, it's the business we have chosen and it is all good!!

This is for you Richard, these boys finishing up their breakfast hay. Fish Creek Ranch under the specter of Twin Sisters mountain on a fall day.
I could not jump onto the lower part of the Homer Rouse trail because of the path of Fish Creek so I continued on up the FS road because I know it intersects again up higher. Eventually you can wind all the way up to Baldpate Inn and Lily Lake on the top of Wind River Pass which is the gap you see above on the far right.
I was grinding a bit as the road gets a little steep and the wind in my face and my cycle fitness has taken a bit of a hit this fall.
This has been part of the blah, WTF feelings this fall. I have some disappointment in myself for letting my conditioning to take a back seat to the other things going on. I like to keep my weight right around the clydesdale mark of 200 lbs, but I had creeped up to 207 with the lack of riding and some lack of discipline on eating habits and resorting to some comfort food eating. I know that I am not to be a "slave" to the scale and usually I am not, but once you have been chubby and then found the discipline in your past life to take it off, it "weighs" on you when you slack off. My ride last week up to Bear Lake was a real good wake up call to stop the "woe is me" crap and get going again. It was a good week to get my daily routine going again and 3 lbs fell off pretty quick.
Any hooo, back to the ride at hand. I got up to where the road turns up the mountain and connects with the trail and I found a washout.
It was about a 15 foot drop off and through the creek and then 15 feet up the other side, so, this part of the ride was over for me! Time to look for other stuff!
Here we go! Always gotta take a selfie!! I am pretty happy about a ride in November!
Worked my way back to Fish Creek Road and Hiway 7. I decided to run around the south end, Mary's Lake Road and into town. Debbie was meeting some friends at something called The Fall Back beer festival in Riverside Plaza. Pretty cool event with 7 or 8 Front range micro-brews set up in tents and a real good bluegrass band playing.
It was a $30 ticket to sample all the beers so I did not get in on that since I had to pedal back home, but it was a nice way to take a break, hang out with Debbie and listen to some fine music on a fine day!!
After about an hour I headed back home. Took the long way around up Fish Creek from the north end. There is one place where you have to detour up through the woods just a little, but you can get to the north side of Carriage Hills and then wind myself home through there.

This last picture just struck me as ironic. The firefighters will have a bit of a tough hookup if needed! This is looking back on the 17th hole of the golf course.
Wait! A post from me that does not have the obligatory picture of LongsPeak!!
I'll have to double you guys up next post!
Everybody have a great week and thanks for riding along!!


  1. Isn't it funny how our routes change once we get an "honest" mountain bike, although I'm not sure how I would like to be led out the door by an "Ogre"..... Looks like a nice ride and a fun time. Nice picture of both you and Debbie. The horses still look pretty slick yet, I'd have thought they would have gotten their "shaggy" winter coats on by now. Have you ever thought about taking Ogre down to "The Springs" and trying out the trail system they have at the Red Rock Open Area or GOG? Looks like they have a nice trail system going there, tempting even for me.
    How do those handlebars work for getting leverage for standing and climbing? They look nice on the bike. I too seem to invited the "weight demon" in for a visit this year. I lost a bit then gained a bit, then lost ..... now I'm back on the gain cycle. Glad you had someting to blog about again this week, always enjoy your beautiful pictures, and writing.

    1. Those bars are super comfy when just riding along. When I stand on the pedals because I am on dirt and it is real steep or rocky I can grab the front bends in the bars. The bike tends to be very tail heavy in those spots and the front wheel wants to come up. I'm not sure that is the bars but a function of my un-familiarity with skills that I don't have yet when it comes to riding in mountain bike conditions.

  2. Jim nice pics as always and biking beer and bluegrass sounds like a nice afternoon too bad you couldn't get in on the sampling. I sympathize with the loosing then gaining thing as I am right now probably a super Clydesdale and would like to get to the range you are talking about. Guess the cigars and scotch aren't helping any ;-) On a good note I am riding my bike home from work today so I got that going for me.

  3. I know. A little better ride planning on my part could have found me ending the ride at the beer fest and a DD for the trip home. Ride home from work is good. My commuting days are over for this year. Too cold and too dark. Plus basketball practice starts next week, so it is into the gym for me!
    Thanks for stopping by!