Thursday, January 1, 2015

Go, 2015, Go!!!

I am stealing a page out of the Richard Welch bicycling Playbook. Always try and get a NYD ride in. In years past the local health club always has a New Years Day early morning spin class and I would jump in on that, but, I am busting out of the box and jumping on to the Richard way of quality cycling life!! Not too bad out, especially after the sub-zero days we have had this week. Left the house at 24 degrees and no wind to speak of. So layer-up and let's get this new year off and riding!!

The first challenge is negotiating out of my driveway.
And then down my road. I know there is clear pavement out on Highway 7 to roll down into town.
I roll into town and decide to run the "Gulch's" loop and back up Fish Creek to loop back to the house. Crossing the Big Thompson at the visitor center.
Here we go with a winter view of the Stanley Hotel.
Major roads were clear of sno-pack but I am guessing that Devils Gulch Rd and Dry Gulch will have some snow left. That is OK, because I feel like I am getting my snow legs on and getting a feel again for how Ogre rolls on the snow. I find that you look to find a line between the super hard pack that the cars have created and is slicker than goose shit and the deeper soft stuff off the edge that you flounder in. That 1/2" of soft in between is perfect!!!
I could not get this big boy to give me much more than this butt shot. He was rooting around in the field feasting on some grass lunch.
I know I have shared them before but you just can not get tired of the views that a cyclist gets rewarded with out on the North end of this loop.
Pretty day to be out, stayed in the mid-20's range the whole time. I rode about 2 hours and covered a bit under 16 miles. Which was a hell of a way to start the New Year and makes for a pretty happy cyclist!!

I hope everybody has a Happy and Healthy 2015!!!



  1. Great way to start out the New Year!!!

  2. You are a braver man than I Gunga Din! nice shots and Happy new year sir

  3. Beautiful as always. Haven't seen sunshine here in a while. Getting us a decent snow right now. Happy new year!