Friday, March 6, 2015

My Day of Days

In the late winter/early spring it always comes down to this:

If you want to have fun on this
 You have to drive away from this
and this
To find this
Today was a day to take off from work and just be selfish and do an activity for me! Bikes were calling my name so I loaded up LHT and headed down to Ft. Collins to ride the Horsetooth-Loveland loop.
Pretty nice day with very little wind and about 46 degrees when I started.
Teesie, not sure what these birds were out there on the ice.......but there were a butt-load of them.
The geologic feature that gives this area it's distinction is the Hogback. It gives us some striking red sandstone rock ridges to climb up and over a few times!!
As I roll back towards Loveland on a road that I have ridden many times I notice the other distinct geologic feature from far away. I guess I have never paid attention to the Devil's Backbone from this approach out of the north. Ride the same roads but it always seems to be something different to look at.
Richard these boys are for you!!! They are enjoying the first sun that we have seen for about five days!!
Here is the traditional view of Devil's Backbone as you get down towards Loveland.
The ride back to Ft. Collins is on a kind-of busy road so no more pictures. I had to be a real cyclist and pay attention to what was going on!!!
Of course it is pretty hard to drive back through Loveland on the way back up the hill without a stop at my favorite brewery for a little Birthday Growler for ME!!!

Great way to spend the day, Thanks for reading along!!


  1. Looks like a great ride in spite of the chill in the air. I'm kind of surprised to see that much snow left all the way down on the flats. I guess you got the same snow that we've had for the past three weeks. I like the picture of the lake with the seagulls.

  2. Beautiful picture of the Devil's Backbone. Are you sure it's the devil....and not some giant unknown dinosaur?

  3. The Hogback shot reminds me of a Louis L'amour book and for your last I can't help but think of this good for you taking a day to get in a ride in March.

  4. Before I moved South once and for all (35 years ago) (!) I would enjoy the occasional winter ride. Gotta watch out for those ice patches, though! But man! it is so great to be in the sun when it finally shows up. I know that Colorado has more winter sun than my gray Ohio River Valley winters of my youth, but still...the Sun!

    Gotta go. I'm outg of exclamation marks.